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Vive la difference? zinc tank survey compares gender preferences
Part 3 in a 3-part series
Coffee drinking is common among men and women alike, but who is driving the market? The recent increases of coffee choices (link to coffee du jour article), together with the wider availability of higher quality products, shifts consumer demand. Who are the faces behind this demand, and who wants what when? Here’s what our tracking survey tells us:
  • 25% of women prefer to purchase their coffee from coffee house chains, compared to 20% of men.
  • Donut chains have higher male patronage at 73%, five percent higher than female customers.
  • Women have a significant preference in the specialty coffee arena, with 10% higher consumption than their male counterparts.
  • Men consume more espresso, 5% more than women.
  • Fast food restaurants are nearly equal, with just a 1% gap between customers’ genders.
  • Making your own coffee has become surprisingly popular. Women are 8 points more likely to make their coffee at work rather than hit the coffee stand.

n = 1,015 Source: The Bridge (Feb 2013) - zinc tank's online survey of Canadian social media users

The data show that gender-based demand extends across selected categories, with few significant differences across coffee markets. While variations in preference do show up in the data, specifically in specialty beverages, marketers and their clients would be wise to stay on the path of gender equality and focus on the basic customer experience of buying and enjoying a coffee.