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Calgary-based eThor voted world's "most innovative startup"
eThor solution instantly connects retailers and their customers
Calgary-based eThor was voted "most innovative startup on the planet" at the prestigious Global Technology Symposium, held in late March in Menlo Park, California.

The firm's technology connects retailers with their customers, enabling them to select, place and pay for their orders in advance using an app on their mobile phones or other e-devices. Zinc tank president Brian F. Singh, an early investor in the company, describes e-Thor's offering as nothing short of revolutionary. "It makes a direct and instantaneous connection between the point of decision - for example, you decide to order a pizza via your smartphone on the drive home from work - and the point of sale, meaning the store's computerized point-of-sale technology. I call that a true game-changer." 

Like all great technologies, eThor's system delivers a compelling win-win solution: customers have the convenience of pre-ordering, instead of waiting in line at the counter, while the retailer gains through increased productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

Another benefit, and another win-win, is that the communication works both ways, allowing the retailer to promote specials and exclusive promotions, thus driving sales while strengthening customer loyalty.

Sounds good, but will it work? As eThor CEO Gary Ziegler told the Calgary Herald:"In our first beta test, a 30-store pizza chain, Garlic Jim's, was able to increase online sales by 76% ($1.37M) while doubling their online customer base in just 9 months."

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