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Smartphones capture lion's share of mobile market growth
Zinc Research's omnibus survey tracks Canadian mobility trends
In this year's mobile telephony section of The Bridge, Zinc Research's annual online omnibus survey, nearly three-quarters of Canadians confirm that they own a mobile phone. And Canada's mobility market is getting more sophisticated: More than half of these devices provide mobile Internet access, and 44% of them (more than 20% over last year) are smartphones.

The largest increase was among business users, where smartphone technology drove a 22% increase. On the other hand, when you combine the three non-business segments used in the Zinc survey (social users, friends and family circles and casual users) you see an even larger aggregate increase of 25%. Even among those who don't use the Internet, smartphone acquisitions rose  this year by 3%.

Mobile Phones in Canada - July 2011

BASE  1200  103  74  186  308  358  171
BASE: Have cell/
mobile phone
883   85 55  141  231 263  108 
Have Internet access
 53% (-)
  76% (+1%)
73% (+3%)  62%  (-)
54% (+4%) 45% (+1%)
31% (-5%)
Have smartphone 

 44% (+8%)
  76% (+6%)
73% (+22%) 51% (+7%)
42%  (+11%)
34% (+8%) 23% (+3%)
What's behind the numbers? 
One needn't look any further than the nearest app store, where hundreds and hundreds of new offerings show up every week. When asked which featues influenced their decision to buy a smartphone, business and non-business apps each scored highly, but there were others, including video and still photography functionality, photo-sharing, and access to music and other digital media such as movies and TV shows.

For details on these and other notable developments - including insights on who's winning (or not) in this fiercely competitive market, watch here for upcoming articles in Zinc's mobile telephony series.

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Is The Bridge right for you?
The Bridge, Zinc Research's exclusive omnibus survey, tracks the actions and attitudes of Canada's online population using a unique segmentation model that includes detailed input from the heaviest users through to the most casual. To find out how The Bridge, or Zinc's other research solutions, can help your organization, contact Zinc president Brian F. Singh.