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New social network Google+ is catching on fast
Latest Zinc survey shows Canadians are already warming up to Google+

Google+, the newest face on the social networking scene, was launched less two months ago - by invitatation only, without any fanfare - and it's already gaining traction. First impressions from Canadian users were captured earlier in July, in the latest edition of The Bridge, Zinc Research's online omnibus survey of Canadian social network users. Survey highlights include the following:
  • 20 percent of online Canadians have already members
  • Another 25 percent would consider joining in the future
  • Among those who are members or said are interested in joining, the results show only a relatively slight difference, skewing towards the following demographics:
    • 18-34 age group
    • Male
    • University+ education

Obviously, as the chart shows, Google + has a long way to go to catch up to Facebook, but Zinc Research president Brian F. Singh sees the survey results as an early sign that Google+ could pose the first real challenge to Facebook's dominance in the social network space.

"To me, the early uptake is a reflection of the Google brand's popularity and its credibility," says Singh. "People trust Google enough that they're willing to take the new platform out for a test drive."

And this story will only get more and more interesting, Singh adds. "What everyone will be watching for now, of course, is how long the honeymoon will last. The other factor of significant interest is Facebook's market saturation level. Has it peaked? Is there any more room for Facebook to grow? We may find that out sooner if Google Plus really does catch on."

Zinc Research will continue to monitor Google+ through The Bridge and will post additional insights on the Zinc website.

For more information on this and other elements of The Bridge, contact Brian F. Singh.