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Social media stoking election fever: ZINC presentation
ZINC presentation discusses social media impacts on Nenshi campaign and federal race
ZINC Research has today published the first of a two-part presentation on the effects of social media in the era of "Elections 2.0," a term used to describe the dramatic effects of instant communication and interaction via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Singh delivered his presentation last week to the Market Research and Intelligence Association's annual meeting, held this year in Winnipeg. In Part 1, he described his experiences on the Nenshi campaign team last fall in Calgary. Social media wasn't the only factor in Naheed Nenshi's stunning mayoralty victory, Singh explained, but it did play a significant role. As he discusses in Part 2, the impacts of these online resources on the upcoming federal election could be even more surprising. 

"For example,' he says, "this is really the first federal campaign we've seen in Canada since the rise of Twitter. We're already seeing thousands of Canadians voicing and sharing their opinions using Twitter, and other platforms. In fact, we're even seeing traditional news media reporting on the latest stories that spread viaTwitter. Twitter feeds are, in themselves, making the headlines. This is not only new' it's also exciting. It means Canadians are able to get their views heard much more effecitvely, and that many others are actually listening to them."

To view Part 1 of the slide presentation, click on the Play icon on the video screen below:
About ZINC Research
Founded in Calgary in 2006, ZINC provides online and onsite quantitative and qualitative market surveys and analysis for regional and international private and public sector clients throughout North America. Founding president Brian F. Singh is a market researcher and economist with over 20 years of experience. He has worked as an advisor and project manager in a broad range of industry sectors, including tourism, the environment, engineering, retail, financial services, demography, health and wellness, and information technology.

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