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Social network users like their cellphones
Social network research tracks mobile/cellphone use

2010 was a good year for mobile telephony manufacturers and service providers, and, according to The Bridge, ZINC Research's annual online survey of Canadian social network users, all signs point to continuing growth.

ZINC has tracked mobile telephony trends regularly for almost five years - in this case with the primary focus on the correlation between smartphones and Internet use - and, more specifically, the impact of mobile Internet access on social networks (and vice versa). ZINC's 2010 survey polls 1200 Canadian social network users, ranging from the heaviest to the most casual, along with non-users.

In 2010, mobile/cellphone ownership increased across all categories, with the highest growth in two non-business categories: "friends and family circles" and "social users" (up 14% and 13% respectively), followed by "heavy users" (+11%) and business users (+8%).

Is The Bridge right for you?
The Bridge, ZINC Research's exclusive omnibus survey, tracks the actions and attitudes of Canada's online population using a unique segmentation model that includes detailed input from the heaviest users through to the most casual. To find out how The Bridge, or ZINC's other research solutions, can help your organization, contact ZINC president Brian F. Singh.