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The smart money is on mobile Internet access, survey confirms
ZINC survey links smartphone gains with social network popularity
2010 was a good year for mobile telephony manufacturers and service providers, and, according to The Bridge, ZINC Research's annual online survey of Canadian social network users, all signs point to continuing growth, particularly in the smartphone segment. 

The ZINC survey, which polls 1200 Canadian social network users, shows that mobile Internet access is up across all segments (for an overall gain of 9% over 2009 levels), most dramatically among "business users" (+23%), followed by "casual users" (up 9%).

Business people have long relied on their smartphones to stay connected with their customers and colleagues, but increasingly, that "always-on" connectivity is just as important in the much larger general consumer market. Simply put, even the most casual Internet users want to be able to go online while they're on the go - to check their email, visit websites and, increasingly, connect via Facebook and other social networks.


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