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How to engage: Market research methods rated by social media segments
Not all social network users (or non-users) think alike, survey shows

Which market research methods are Canadians most comfortable with? Which methods don't they like participating in? In The Bridge, ZINC Research's annual omnibus survey of social network trends and patterns in Canada, an online panel of 1200 was asked to rate their preferences. Highlights from the 2010 survey were released today in an article published on the ZINC website.

The article shows some striking similarities - and differences - in the preferences of various types of social network users. Users are categorized using the survey's unique social network user segmentation model, which includes both the heaviest and most casual social network users; for comparative purposes, input from non-users is also included in most of the survey topics. 

As ZINC president Brian F. Singh explains, The Bridge is designed to provide better-targeted, more meaningful insights to marketers and researchers. Given the study's obvious emphasis on Internet-savvy Canadians, one might expect that online research methods would carry the day, but he cautions that such generalizations could lead to data that's less precise, not more.

"The people who spend a lot of time on the Internet do seem to favour certain online methods," Singh explains, "but traditional methods - most notably, onsite surveys - scored just as highly among these groups as they did among casual and non-users. Conversely, even non-users, who typically spend the least amount of time on their computers, show a surprisingly high comfort level with non-tradtional surveys. It's important that researchers take this into account. Without balancing their research to include both online and traditional methods, they won't necessarily get accurate findings."

To view the article, visit ZINC's resource library, click here.

About the survey
The Bridge is a syndicated survey established in 2007 by ZINC in partnership with Ottawa-based Dufferin Research. It uses a sample of 1,200 online respondents that accurately reflects Canada’s online population both geographically and demographically. Since its inception, the survey has collected nine tracking waves; a tenth will be added in early 2011.

About ZINC Research
Founded in Calgary in 2006, ZINC provides online and onsite quantitative and qualitative market surveys and analysis for regional and international private and public sector clients throughout North America. Founding president Brian F. Singh is a market researcher and economist with over 20 years of experience. He has worked as an advisor and project manager in a broad range of industry sectors, including tourism, the environment, engineering, retail, financial services, demography, health and wellness, and information technology.

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