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Facebook helps employers screen & develop talent
Social networking is the new frontier of recruiting and connecting with staff
Calgary, AB – Employers are quickly changing their attitudes toward the ever-growing Facebook phenomenon. Within the last few months, many companies, government departments and organizations banned employees from using the social networking site during working hours. Like its technological predecessors – including e-mail and cell phones – employers today are struggling to grasp the strength of this technological tsunami, and use it to their advantage. A national research study by ZINC Research and its partner Dufferin Research, shows that almost half of Facebook’s users have no problem with their current employer viewing their profile, and 2 in 5 would consider letting prospective employers view their profile in addition to their resume when looking for a new job.

“Most employers are trying to figure out how Facebook can make a positive contribution to their operations,” says Brian Singh, Managing Director of ZINC Research. He suggests that Facebook and related social media are an employer’s best ally – “while the platform presents many opportunities and cost efficiencies for marketing and information, it is its strength in connection and engagement that can be used to attract and retain talent and build a vibrant company culture. Why shut down access when you can leverage your best assets – your employees.”

Facebook is the account of choice for more than 80% of Canadians who subscribe to social networking sites. While membership appears to have stabilized at over 9 million, almost 9 in 10 Canadians aged 18 to 34 years are members – the cohort that is most sought after by employers.

“Young adults have adopted Facebook as the de facto communication and networking platform,” said Singh. “Companies that grasp this reality and develop a Facebook-related attraction and retention strategy will better connect to their workforce and get the upper hand in business.”

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NEWS RELEASE – Online Canadians and Facebook (May 2008) PDF

REPORT – Online Canadians and Facebook (May 2008) PDF

“The Bridge - Canadians & Social Networking Sites” is one of a number of nationally syndicated studies conducted by ZINC Research Inc. and its partner, online research specialists Dufferin Research, via their monthly Voyageur Omnibus. This ongoing study tracks online Canadians interest, activity and membership to social networking sites.This survey was conducted between April 22 to 27, via and online poll of 1,200 Canadians (adults, 18 years+). The sample is census representative by region, gender and age. Based on global tracking, approximately 70% of Canadians have access to the Internet, and this methodology is considered representative of the Canadian population.

For further information about these survey results or the methodology, please contact either:

Brian Singh
Managing Director – ZINC Research, Inc
(403) 269-7526

John P. Larsen
Media Relations Representative
The Corpen Group
(403) 860-1421

Rick Frank
President – Dufferin Research, Inc.
(613) 730-4664 x 221