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Social networking - Part 1: 2010 segmentation survey
Highlights from ZINC Research's 2010 survey

Results from The Bridge, ZINC Research's 2010 syndicated online survey, Canadians and Social Media, show continuing steady increases in the number of Canadians using social networks, together with across-the-board growth in the number and frequency of activities they pursue on their networks of choice. The following summarizes some of the key highlights of Wave 9 of this survey, and includes links to more detailed information:

This year, (almost) everybody's doing it: In 2010, the number of Canadians online who do not use social networks dropped by more than half - from 22% in 2009 to 10% this year; in other words, a full 90% of the online population is now connected to at least one social network.

It takes all kinds: Social networkers have many interests in common, but just as many distinctions. Over the past year, the survey pointed to some fascinating shifts in behaviour and attitude - some subtle, some quite dramatic. For a snapshot profile of the survey's key user segments and how they've evolved over the past year, see Part 2 in this series by clicking here.

Facebook still dominates:
Once again, Facebook is by far the preferred social networking platform in all user categories, as it has been since the first Bridge survey in 2007. Users in each of the survey's five main segments also reported having the highest number of connected friends on their Facebook account (mean number: 137) compared to the other networking sites they use; this suggests that the 'multiplier effect' of connecting with "friends of friends of friends" via Facebook is higher than anywhere else online.   For more insights on Facebook, see Part 3 in this series by clicking here.

Networking activities are on the rise
: In 2010, most uers engaged in their favourite activities more frequently - and ranked them as being more important. "Staying in touch with friends" still ranks as the most important (87% of all users, compared to 83% last year) but there was a notable jump in the use of network-based email and chat (from 69% last year to 77% in 2010). This could point to declining market share for Gmail, Hotmail and other email providers.  For more information on user activities ratings, see Part 4 of this series by clicking here.

Is The Bridge right for your organization? For information on this and other syndicated surveys conducted by ZINC Research, contact Brian Singh.