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ZINC Research sponsors Darwin: The Evolution Revolution at the Royal Ontario Museum
ZINC Research is pleased to announce that it is a Friend-level Sponsor of the Royal Ontario Museum’s newly-opened exhibition Darwin: The Evolution Revolution. The exhibit is one of the most exhaustive ever assembled on this highly original thinker and his revolutionary theory of evolution by natural selection.

Brian F. Singh, Managing Director of ZINC Research, a specialist in onsite, exhibit and traditional marketing research services, states, "The progress of business and society is based on ideas and research, and we fully support the acknowledgement of a man whose curiosity and method profoundly changed the way we think about ourselves, nature and the world we live in. Our firm conducts research on exhibits and we are very pleased to be associated with Darwin: The Evolution Revolution.”

The exhibition features the most complete collection of specimens, artifacts, manuscripts and memorabilia related to Charles Darwin, offering visitors an engaging insight into his extraordinary life and mind. It is also unique in its use of live animals – unique species that Darwin studied that helped formulate his theory.

“In our practice, clients challenge us to be innovative and deliver breakthrough knowledge that shapes their ideas, builds better relationships and grows their business,” added Singh. “The best companies have learned to evolve. As such, Darwin’s theory is as relevant today as it was when first published 150 years ago.”

Darwin: The Evolution Revolution is on display at the ROM until Monday, August 4, 2008.

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Brian Singh
Managing Director – ZINC Research, Inc
(403) 269-7526

John P. Larsen
Media Relations Representative
The Corpen Group
(403) 860-1421

Official Royal Ontario Museum News Release:

Two New Sponsors for the ROM’s Darwin: The Evolution Revolution

Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is pleased to announce that two additional organizations have lent their support to Darwin: The Evolution Revolution, the exhibition highlighting the life and work of Charles Darwin, whose observations and discoveries of 150 years ago remain highly controversial to this day. The newly confirmed sponsors, ZINC Research…

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