introducing kiind - a zinc tank investment partner

Adding value, customer delight and innovation to the digital gift card market

Kiind was conceived in 2011 and launched in Victoria, British Columbia, in 2012, initially by way of self-funding, then with the help of friends and family. Once the company was established and had started generating revenue, they attracted the interest of a small group of angel investors, including zinc tank president Brian F. Singh. Since then, the team has continued to reinvest all revenues to support their ambitious, carefully staged growth strategy. 

The following snapshot profile of Kiind is based on our recent interview with Kiind's founding CEO Leif Baradoy.
The product
Kiind is a way to send a digital gift card, but you don’t pay for it until the recipient actually uses it. Kiind also notifies you when the recipient chooses a gift; we let you offer the choice of multiple gifts to somebody; and we make it very easy to send to groups of people simultaneously.

The market
Our market focus is on business-to-business. Businesses use gift cards to build and nurture relationships, for marketing and promotional purposes, for employee engagement, to thank and appreciate clients for referrals, that sort of thing.

The value proposition
I think the main attraction to our customers to Kiind is that it’s a way to more prudently spend money – essentially, improving the ROI on gift cards they give out – and also to save them time in sending out gifts while creating a quality experience for the recipient.

For an employer gifting 100 employees, the reason they choose Kiind is, one, it’s instant; they are able to log in now and send the gift cards immediately or schedule them to be delivered in the future. The second reason they like Kiind is because they want to spend wisely. They know that if for whatever reason some people don’t use that gift card, the employer won’t have to pay for that waste.

Another reason they use us is the tracking and analytics that they get when the owner decides to open their gift email to chose what and when a gift card was used. Let’s say I give you an option between Amazon, Nike or iTunes; I will be able to see that you selected Amazon, and when you actually go to first use that Amazon gift card, at that point in time I am charged and then notified that you used the gift for the first time. Then I can give you a call and say, ‘Hey hope you liked that Amazon gift.’

What the future holds
In October we launched a new APl (application programming interface) that other systems can hook in and integrate into Kiind. The customers who are doing larger volume are primarily our integration partners.

For example, this is where they are using gift cards as a way to reward people who are taking action on their product – or it’s a tool that is in an HR platform and multiple managers are sending gifs to employees throughout the course of a month across the company, all held by a single prime account. We believe this is where we are going to see a lot of long term, high lifetime-value customers.

In most companies, people are busy. So if we can make it easy to hook Kiind into systems and other services that people are using on a regular basis – so they don’t have to leave the CRM that they live in, or the HR tool that they spend a lot of time in – then that is going to increase the adoption of Kiind. So, we stop forcing people to come to us all the time, and allow more availability of Kiind across multiple services – this is our vision. And it serves the customer better and makes our product better.

*   *   *

For more about Kiind, visit their website; read the Globe and Mail article; see Leif Baradoy's TV interview on CBC's Lang and O'Leary Exchange.

To discuss investment potential and other partnering opportunities with zinc tank, contact Brian F. Singh at 403-861-9462 or by email.


introducing kiind - a zinc tank investment partner

Kiind is a Victoria-based startup offering an innovative approach to the digital gift cards aimed at the business-to-business market. This corporate snapshot is based on an interview with its founding CEO Leif Baradoy
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