What's your story? Who's telling it? Why is this crucial?

To create a powerful content-driven communications strategy, start with the research insights you already have.

Just as your marketing goals drive market research strategies, your research findings also serve fundamentally to point your marketing program in the right direction, i.e., what your customers and stakeholders are looking for and expecting from you. And your communications program is what connects these elements - by demonstrating to your target audiences that you are in fact on the same page as they are.

Content is King. Content marketing works. The content you publish is what attracts, sustains and builds audiences. Equally important, that content reinforces your brand and gives it a positive and distinctive presence. And market research can provide one of the most effective ways to create content that is unique, appealing and, by definition, customer-driven.

Creating your content reservoir
Every research initiative you undertake can generate a whole new series of original and compelling content assets. We mine your data continuously to identify and capture relevant ideas. We turn those ideas into stories, articles and other content assets. And we repurpose that content across multiple channels to help get your story out there.
Editorial planning: We bring together the core elements of your branding, positioning and go-to-market strategies, we plan and develop a messaging strategy, then put it all together in an editorial schedule that keeps you on track and on message.

Content writing, editing
: Drawing from proprietary research and other data relevant to your organization and industry sector, we develop original content that will build stronger connections with your internal and external audiences.

Content publishing: We distribute your content, and repurpose it using a variety of internal channels, digital media, social networks, and more. This service is designed for organizations lacking the resources or bandwidth to manage additional communications and e-marketing initiatives.


What's your story? Who's telling it? Why is this crucial?

Zinc tank uses research findings to point your marketing program in the right direction, and offers communications services to leverage these key marketing assets. Services include content creation and re-purposing, editorial planning, writing, editing and content management, and content publishing,
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