Intellect - your pathway to SugarCRM success

Zinc tank has partnered with Eligeo to develop Intellect, a lead-in to developing and implementing a CRM solution faster and more effectively.

Intellect combines in-depth technical analysis together with a unique combination of business research tools and analytical methods – including qualitative and quantitative research, neuroscience, environmental auditing, LEAN analysis techniques, and others, as required to meet your business needs.

Implementing CRM infrastructure is costly and time-consuming – and comes with the added prospects associated with a 70% risk of failure, which is due in almost every case to inadequate planning. Intellect makes sure you get it right the first time – with lower per-user costs and a faster ROI than any other comparable CRM on the market. The results? Improved process flow, communication initiatives and, of course, more highly engaged customer relationships. In other words, your CRM lets you focus on doing business.

CRM technology delivers a powerful platform for leveraging your data assets to drive greater business performance and improved customer satisfaction. For optimal results, CRM-driven data assets need to be configured to ensure that corporate objectives and functional goals are mapped out properly across multiple lines of business and at every customer touch point.

The Intellect process

Intellect provides a comprehensive analysis of key CRM requirements and priorities as they relate across the organization. It culminates with a detailed report that sets out an organizational roadmap. The result? Before you even begin, you will see that your CRM project is based on a solid alignment of business strategy and organizational culture with critical data assets.

The Intellect analysis addresses the following:
  • Corporate objectives: a review of business goals in discussions with executive leaders and key staff
  • Workflow and processes: an assessment of how your business actually works and how your CRM can support and complement each facet of operation
  • Business culture: a bottom-up overview of the business’s operating environment, i.e., how will employees and their managers relate to, and benefit from, the CRM
  • Brand: a review and reevaluation of your business’s identity, both internally and externally: what you represent, how you want to convey your brand identity and messaging, and, in particular, how your business processes align with your brand values.
Intellect benefits
Simply put, Intellect aligns your data assets – clearly, among the most essential of your intellectual properties – with day-in, day-out business needs.

The Intellect solution ensures that your data will be configured to support each of your various corporate and operational goals before the IT implementation begins. The resulting benefits include:
  • A fully-articulated configuration plan based on discrete operational needs
  • A faster, more clearly-defined implementation plan
  • Increased functionality and value for each of your key lines of business (sales, marketing, communications, customer relations, and more)
  • IT as an additional lever for improving overall organizational performance
How it works: Process and deliverables
The project team: Each Intellect assignment is executed by a team of Eligeo’s award-winning team of SugarCRM business process and analysis experts under the direction of Intellect’s co-developers:
  • Derek Major, Eligeo’s founder, an IT leader with over 10 years of CRM implementation experience as well as extensive project management experience in the telecom, banking and numerous industrial sectors.
  • Brian F. Singh, managing director of zinc tank, a veteran market analyst, business strategist, economist and thought leader with over two decades of experience as a consultant and advisor for a range of private and public sector clients.
Deliverables: Each Intellect engagement features a menu of optional analyses designed to ensure a successful CRM implementation and improved business performance. Project costs and time-lines are also menu-based, and presented to you in itemized form in the project quotation that includes the following elements:
  • A purpose-based, strategy-driven CRM implementation plan: At the core of every Intellect project, we provide a roadmap for implementation plus an actionable upfront analysis on how to leverage your CRM to best advantage;
  • A strategic brief: A summary of what we learned about the business that will ensure that the CRM is extended properly to suit each facet of operations;
  • Detailed business process: A clear picture of your current state including business process maps outlining performance or service gaps, input/output/work flow issues, and other opportunities for best-practice improvements.
  • Reports from any business or employee surveys, interviews and/or 360 analysis (internal and external).
For more information, and to discuss how Intellect can work for you, contact zinc tank president Brian F. Singh.


Intellect - your pathway to SugarCRM success

Intellect is a lead-in to developing and implementing a SugarCRM solution faster and more effectively. It combines in-depth technical analysis together with a unique combination of business research tools and analytical methods.
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