Connecting products, brands and people

Starting with the premise that marketing intelligence is only as good as the results and actions it helps generate, we approach market research as the first of three intrinsically related processes:
  • Intelligence-gathering: We compile and organize the research data to identify key issues, trends and opportunities in your market
  • Messaging: We build on our research findings to develop compelling customer-centric content, including news, feature articles and multimedia presentations
  • Engagement: Using every available channel, we publish, distribute and manage a consistent flow of news and information
Zinc tank supports these initiatives with a suite of branding and engagement solutions that work together to connect your products, brand and markets:

Branding strategy: We help you define and position your company and product/service offerings from a strategic, evidence-based perspective.
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Communications: We offer comprehensive content planning, development, writing, editing and publishing services using digital media, social networking and other digital media to connect with, and build, your audience base. Learn more



Connecting products, brands and people

Zinc tank approaches market research as the first of three intrinsically related processes: - Intelligence-gathering - Messaging - Engagement We support each of these areas with unique communications and branding solutions that connect markets, brands and people
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